Saturday, November 24, 2012


Alright my readers (mom)...

I have switched over to a new blog name as I am no longer focusing on crafts and nesting and have gone back to my bloggin' roots. My new RSS feed link is on my new blog so please update your readers or Google Friend Connect if you still want to follow. :)

Thank you all for supporting me on YoungNester. I hope you will follow me over to Love, Water and Wine too! See you on the other side blog! :)

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and Moonshine

I am still dealing with this bronchitis stuff. It's awful. And we won't even talk about what the antibiotic has done to me (click with caution). Last week was the girls' annual vet check ups. Lily loves car rides. She also loves the vet.

Lucy... not so much. She tries to hide all 87 lbs of her under my tiny seat everytime. She's totally invisible (she thinks so at least).

We absolutely love our vet office. They have been so incredible over the past four years. If you're in the Lexington/Versailles area, you should check them out. Lucy makes quarterly visits because she has a rare auto-immune skin disease. Bless her pemphigus heart. When we got home I decided to clean out our closet and Lucy was super ammused.

One of my favorite parts of losing weight is that I am shrinking out of my clothes which means shopping :)

And how was everyone's Halloween? I hosted my building's Halloween party downtown again this year and it was a blast. A little too much fun for a Wednesday. Somehow we ended up going out after the party and we didn't get home until 3:30am. Again, on a Wednseday. Why do we do this to ourselves? I dressed up as a nerd at work:

The sky was beautiful on Halloween night; here's a picture from right before the party started:

Nola dressed up as the black swan and looked awesome:

And the winner of the costume contest was our friend, Michael:

And one of the reasons Thursday at work was no fun:

That would be a shot of apple pie moonshine. Yes, that is Ms. Lyons (who I call "granny"); she is 82 years old taking a shot with us. Love her.  The next day I drank lots of water and coffee and browsed new blogs at work... it's our slow season, don't judge.  I'm really digging Sheryl right now.

So what did you dress up as on Halloween? Have you ever had moonshine?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jacob's Ladder and the Flu

Taylor had his first experience with Jacob's Ladder last week. It was amazing (for me). I tried to explain to him the hell that is Jacob's Ladder but he always brushed it off saying it's not as hard as I make it out to be. Ha! Watching the contestants on Biggest Loser do it always made me think that way too... until I got on the machine. One minute in and I was dying. Endless climbing... I have nightmares about this machine. But it is a great workout.
Look how easy it seems... they're lying. Thanks google.

Taylor made it about 20 seconds in and then he looked at me in horror and I knew that was the moment he changed his mind about the easiness of Jacob's Ladder.  I couldn't help but cackle like a deranged witch.  I wanted to jump up and down in excitement as sweat started to drip from his forehead and onto the machine but I was so scared Jodie would make me get on next that I stayed quiet.  He made it 6 minutes which was twice as far as I got my first time so I have to give him major props for that. 

This past weekend was my weekend off - yay! Except that I got sick :( I woke up Saturday morning feeling awful. But we already had tickets to the Louisville football game and I know Taylor would be disappointed not to hang out with his family and friends so I trucked through (and probably infected them all). During the tailgate I started feeling extra bad so I took a little break in his parents' SUV:

I stuck it out through the game for Taylor and enjoyed most of it (even though I'm a loyal Cats fan).

I was in bed by 9pm and when I woke up the next morning I knew I was going to be making a trip to the doctor. Monday I found out I have the flu AND bronchitis. Why both? I'm still recovering and hope to be back at work tomorrow. In the meantime, I've been catching up on all of your blogs :)  Please leave me a link to your blog and any other blog you think I'd like!  Pretty please?  I'm dying at home alone.

So have any of you had experience with Jacob's ladder? Or just nightmares?

Anyone else have the flu yet? Or am I the only lucky one?

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Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm too old to party

I’m still recovering from the debauchery this weekend. I’m too old for this stuff. Let’s recap…

Saturday was a long day with a little too many adult beverages. I worked until 4pm and raced to Highpoint golf course in Nicholasville to join Taylor and some other coworkers for our golf scramble. I drove a golf cart for the first time and it was awesome. Three old men had to help me out but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

After the scramble we had to race home to grab wine (Trader Joe’s finest of course) and head to dinner at my beautiful friend, Nola’s home. She cooked us an authentic Omani dinner of lamb, rice, vegetables and yogurt. She also taught us how to eat with our right hand. It was DELICIOUS! Nola was born in the United States but she spent the majority of her life in Oman (her mom is American and her dad is Omani). Her family is beautiful! Here we are Sat night:

Needless to say after a couple of glasses of wine we wanted to go out! Nola lives downtown where I work so we often are out and about downtown - just usually not so late. We were out until 2am and decided we wanted some of our favorite late night munchies: Goodfella’s pizza. It gets hazy after that… haven’t had a night like that in MONTHS. I didn’t really enjoy it the next day though. The pizza slices are literally the size of my head:
Thanks, google.

Taylor found this gem on his phone the next morning: I’m not proud of this moment at all. This is in our front entry where I apparently tripped and then just decided to stay there. ...Oh adult beverages

I cannot believe I'm actually putting this photo out for the world to see but I promised I would be myself... right?  Don't judge me.  Let’s not even talk about the calories that were consumed… we paid for it the next day in the gym.

Today is my baby brother’s 19th birthday so we will be going to the ‘rents for a steak dinner (tradition for you to get your favorite food on your birthday).  Oh the things I did when I was 19.  I'd rather not think my baby broseph is doing the same things!  This is us on the way to his high school graduation:

Charming, aren't we?

Do you get a special food on your birthday? What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure, late-night food?  Is it upwards of 500 calories too or am I the only one?  ;)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Fall!

Hello strangers!  I'm sorry I've been away :(

Now that our busy season at work is finally ending and I’m more into a routine with life, I am excited to come back to the blogging world. I’ve really missed it and you all!

Starting where we left off… I’ve lost almost 40 lbs since Valentine’s Day (taking the very slow route, obviously).  I was at a standstill over the summer because work was just insane and I didn’t make time for it. 

We officially set our wedding date, FINALLY.  We will be getting married on May 16, 2013 (my parent’s anniversary… insert “aww” here) ;) in FLORIDA!  Get excited!  We will actually be going down for the whole week and spending much-needed quality time with family.  As we get older, it’s harder to make as much time for grandparents, aunts and uncles with work and outside commitments.  One of the reasons Taylor and I decided to have a destination wedding was so that we could get uninterrupted time with just family.  We will still have a big ‘ole bbq reception when we get back for everyone else too (which I’m also excited about).  It will be casual and in Taylor’s parent’s backyard in Louisville (they have several acres and it’s BEAUTIFUL).

Our 7 bedroom beach house!
Because we’re now going to the beach (and I want to be healthy in my wedding photos), we have set some goals for each of us and have started working out together and eating healthy.  Last night we had our first joint-session with my personal trainer, Jodie, and she absolutely kicked our butts.  Longest hour and a half of my life.  We were both drenched and gross.  Very romantic.  J  Here is a photo when I regained enough strength after training to raise my arm to take a picture (excuse the blurriness from my shaky-muscle arm... also I keep editing it and rotating it sideways but for some reason the picture is still like this; help!)

Super attractive, no?

We’re meeting again tomorrow morning at 6am.  AM.  So wrong.  And on my day off.  Double wrong. 

I also started keeping track of my food/exercise on the MyFitnessPal app again.  I had Taylor download it yesterday to use too J  It’s a pretty great journal; I have yet to stump it with my food search.  It even had Taylor’s snack of Big’s Hot-BBQ flavored sunflower seeds (gross).

Thank you, google!

So are you a morning or evening worker-outer? 
Do you keep a food/exercise journal?
Did you/would you pick a destination wedding?

I’m glad to be back!
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